EVRAZ youth

Youth outreach is one of the key pillars of the EVRAZ HR strategy. 

  • In order to attract highly talented students and graduates, EVRAZ implements the following programs:
  • Paid internships
  • Relocation compensation for interns: an expense allowance for moving and housing costs for interns from other cities
  • Relocation compensation for graduates: an expense allowance for moving and housing costs for graduates from other cities, as well during the first 2 years of employment.
  • EVRAZ corporate scholarships for students after successful training, subject to subsequent employment;
  • An adaptation premium during the first year with the company;
  • Corporate grants for the higher professional education of young employees  

We take training our people seriously

EVRAZ offers young employees various opportunities for both professional and personal development:

  • Individual adaptation plan (education, and training);
  • Professional contests: Best Young Employee, Best in Profession, and Best Young Leader;
  • Scientific and technological conference for young people;
  • Sport and entertainment events run by the youth organization within the company;
  • Participation by EVRAZ youth in the annual corporate meeting where the policy for youth organizations within the company is defined.

Want to join us?

If you would like to join EVRAZ’s professional team of 90,000 people around the globe and benefit from the exciting career prospects on offer, you should do the following:

School leavers:

  • Select your chosen area of specialization and choose a suitable institution for your further education;
  • Take part in relevant Open Days at EVRAZ enterprises;
  • Check information on opportunities for target and career training in your chosen area at EVRAZ.

Undergraduates and those training for professional qualifications relevant to the technical specialisations at EVRAZ enterprises:

  • Come and work with us as an intern;
  • Learn about the development opportunities in your area at EVRAZ.

Write to us to learn more about opportunities for youth employment at EVRAZ at profi@evraz.com