HR Strategy

In the modern world change occurs increasingly quickly, and only those who can manage to adapt speedily will succeed. 

At EVRAZ, we have the chance of a lifetime; to become leaders in one of the most important fields of heavy industry. Whilst we all understand that everything connected with ore and coal mining and steel production is based on traditional process technology, EVRAZ stands out from most industrial companies through its dedication to apply the most cutting edge management methods in business and personnel management.

HR strategy - as one of the Company’s main pillars of excellence – is an integral part of this approach. We acknowledge the significance and importance of working with people and for people, and we highly appreciate the potential of our employees working all over the world, wherever they are based. Our team is made up of bright and talented professionals sharing the Company’s values and culture, who are truly devoted to their business and capable of achieving unprecedented results.

Moving forwards, our HR strategy is targeted at returning to an understanding of the significance of actual production and the integral value of the blue-collar job. We produce real products, and our industry creates the foundations for global economic growth. Our employees are our most important asset and we want to recognize that. 
  • Competitive compensation for outstanding performances by individual employees. To achieve our targets in business development we should increase rewards for outstanding work performance, i.e. employee’ compensation should depend directly on performance. 
  • 100% of employees are engaged in development programs. The Company should ensure development possibilities for all its employees. At EVRAZ we employ the best specialists and promising graduates from specialized educational institutions and we look to create the right conditions for them to have long and successful careers with us. 
  • EVRAZ is an industry leader in working conditions. Our main goal is to ensure a high level of working conditions for all employees at the Company irrespective of their location. The provision of favourable and safe working conditions is a key constituent of our employees’ incentivisation. 
  • New vacancies should first be offered to internal candidates. The Company is developing a system to train and develop engineering and management personnel, making it possible for every employee to build their career inside the company. 
It is important for each employee, irrespective of their job position, to understand both the importance of the Company's stability and its progressive development. This strategy allows us to say that we have identified the exact direction in which we are to move forward in an economy made unstable by the global recession, and that we have identified our targets and know how to achieve them. The road ahead may prove to be difficult, but we understand how to meet those challenges and reach our goal. We value our success story, can clearly see the way to continue our steady development progress, and above all, we are confident in the future.