Professional development

Training and development programs available at EVRAZ:

Comprehensive programs for individual’ development, improving technical and functional skills, developing leadership skills, and training in new business processes:

- New EVRAZ Leaders – our program for training prospective EVRAZ managers. This program aims to prepare a professional international team of managers in a short period of time, and to provide them with the skill set to solve challenging tasks in uncertain conditions, to manage change, to coordinate large projects and to introduce new technologies.

This program features: 

  • The involvement of top managers who share their experience with participants
  • An opportunity for participants to prepare real Company projects which, subject to successful presentation and approval, are then implemented. 
  • The participation of leading business experts from diverse areas. 
  • Participants from various countries and companies.
  • Project manager forum: a discussion platform for the exchange of experience and best practices for project managers in various areas from all EVRAZ enterprises. Participants debate and resolve issues related to project activities, update current project management methodology, and learn successful practical examples.

Standard management training programs: aimed atidentifying and further developing talented employees. Programs are aimed at improving staff qualifications, including managerial skills and operational efficiency training: 

- Professional and advanced training - obligatory programs for expert training and certification.

- Programs for the maintenance and development of engineering and technological skills to ensure the continued transfer of unique expert knowledge and experience from leading corporate experts to the next generation of engineering and technical leaders at EVRAZ.