Health and Safety

Results in 2017

The group saw a 19% year-on-year reduction from the 2016 LTIFR of 2.36 to an LTIFR of 1.90 in 2017. This was mainly due to a significant improvement in the LTIFR of the Coal division, which experienced a 22% year-on-year reduction in 2017. The Group has continued its efforts related to behaviour safety conversations, hands-on practical employee training, and standard operating procedures, which were contributing factors in this improvement.

Key projects
Corporate-wide initiatives in 2017 were once again focused on cultural change through improving the safety behaviour of employees and contractors. 

Safety conversations 

Regular safety conversations taking place among employees and managers on shop floors are indispensable for building a positive safety culture. Recognising that such conversations are an essential part of promoting safe behaviour, the volume of these conversations has led the group to create an internal IT solution to record them, as well as to track trends and corrective actions.

In 2017, EVRAZ’ managers held over 500,000 safety conversations with the Group’s employees, many of whom made at least one suggestion about potential safety improvements in the workplace. 

Standard operating procedures

One of the key principles of safe work is making sure that the respective process is initially designed in a safe way and all employees are trained to follow the procedure. To support this approach, EVRAZ decided that each structural unit should design 10 standard safe work procedures and implement them in accordance with the corporate requirements. 
In 2017, EVRAZ designed and implemented almost 2,500 standard safe work procedures for its most hazardous operations. 

Key risk localisation programmes 

To make safety initiatives more industry specific and better tailored to the needs of respective facilities, EVRAZ has suggested that business divisions design key risk projects. These projects and related initiatives not only address critical division-specific risks, but also consider historic trends to prevent reoccurrence of past incidents. 

Objectives for 2018 

In 2018, in addition to continuing the divisionspecific key risk programmes, EVRAZ plans to continue implementing the key initiatives targeted at developing safe employee behaviour. 

Safety conversations and safe work procedures 

Instead of paying attention to the quantity of safety conversations, the group will shift its focus to the quality of the observation and related conversation. With the shift in focus from quantity to quality, there is now an improved effort to document unsafe actions and related behaviour, and to correct them before they lead to incident and injury. As a critical element of improving the quality of safety conversations, a more structured approach will be adopted by conducting the conversations after planned observation of operations and then comparing them with safe work procedures. 

Contractor safety 

EVRAZ plans to further integrate contractors into own HSE management system. An important aspect of this integration is increasing the accountability of contract holders of the HSE performance of contractors. 

Lockout – tagout – tryout 

The ongoing implementation of the energy isolation principles applied in lockout – tagout – tryout (LOTO) procedures will remain a focus in 2018. This is a long-term initiative with plans for completion by 2020. The planned level of integration by the end of 2018 is 60%. 

Falling from height prevention 

At the division level, initiatives continued to prevent falling from height incidents. The focus of these efforts is training and testing contractors’ practical knowledge of the safe methods to prevent falling from height. Only those employees and contractors who prove their knowledge and ability to use safety systems when working at height are allowed to work at the Group’s facilities.