At EVRAZ we are always seeking to improve the professional and personal skills of our employees. We believe that by doing this we invest in the Group’s future achievements. Hence it is of great importance for us to create a working environment where our employees can fully realise their potential.

With this in mind, the Group continued to work actively in the following key areas in the reporting period:

  • implementing a Target Remuneration System.
  • building HR and enhancing staff recruitment processes.
  • continuously improving the KPIs system.
  • enrolling employees on various professional courses and programmes.
  • developing Human Rights Policies.
  • regularly collecting feedback via various communication channels.

Organisational structure of EVRAZ HR management system

Organisational structure of EVRAZ HR management

Respecting human rights has always been our core principle. EVRAZ does not tolerate discrimination of any kind, whether it be based on gender, social status or class, or any other factors not directly related to an employee’s professional qualities. It is crucial for us to comply with international human rights laws, hence we have corporate documents ensuring this compliance, such as the Code of Business Conduct. These documents guarantee equal employment opportunities for everyone. Our employees are provided with freedom of association and collective bargaining. Child labour, forced labour, human trafficking, and other forms of slavery (known as modern slavery) are strictly prohibited at all EVRAZ subsidiaries, including their suppliers.

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The development of our people is a top priority for EVRAZ. The Group has a multi-level system of human resource management in place, geared towards improving the engineering and personal skills of employees, and fostering collaboration with educational institutions.

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