Registration in the system

In order to get admitted to bidding procedures held at the E-trading platform (ETP) of the EVRAZ Vendor Management System, one needs to go through compulsory registration.

The registration procedure is as follows:

  1. A bidder files registration questionnaire. The questionnaire is currently available in Russian, the questionnaire in English will be available at a later stage (currently in development).
  2. Upon processing of the questionnaire an electronic message will be delivered to the e-mail address (indicated in the questionnaire) with notification of registration or revoked registration.

    In the first case the bidder is assigned “Potential vendor” status and three e-mails will follow:

    In the second case an information message of revocation of registration will be delivered. To learn the reason of rejection, please submit you request at or to the sender of revocation letter.
  3. A bidder who was assigned “Potential vendor” status may access the functions of "Personal account“.
  4. A potential vendor must pass compulsory qualification survey (file the qualification questionnaire). A vendor who failed to take ther qualification survey cannot be registered with EVRAZ ETP.
  5. In order to fill the qualification survey the vendor must deliver scanned copies of constituent and registration documents, namely:
    • Certificate of state registration of a legal entity (extract from trade register, certificate of incorporation, etc.);
    • Copies of effective wordings of constituent documents and documents of incorporation;
    • Copies of certificate of tax registration;
    • Documented evidence of status of the entity (for details about the documents see “Vendor Compliance Requirements” section);
    • Documented evidence of the negotiating powers of the bidder’s representative.

Please note:

The Bidder is not allowed to participate in bidding procedures at the E-trading platform (ETP) of the EVRAZ Vendor Management System until completion of the registration process.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact the ETP administrator at