Scam websites alert

EVRAZ has become aware that the name, trademark and requisites of EVRAZ have been used without our permission to solicit access to scam website through investment solicitation. Scammers have been manipulating of a fake EVRAZ website, which illegally contained information about EVRAZ, and soliciting investments into a crypto currency falsely claimed to have connection with EVRAZ. EVRAZ and our affiliates have no relationship whatsoever with such fraudulent activities. Furthermore, EVRAZ does not have and has never had its crypto currency, neither EVRAZ is involved into investments into a crypto currency. We encourage our stakeholders to take appropriate steps to protect yourself from identity theft. Here are the key takeaways:

  • be skeptical and do not make quick decisions;
  • do not rely only on the information the person gives you or you find in the internet to make your decision;
  • do not be persuaded by high return investments, an opportunity with no or low risk, inside information;
  • get independent financial advice before you invest;
  • do your own checks on any investment opportunity to make sure it is real;
  • consider how you pay;
  • make sure your privacy setting are up do date and you are using secure passwords;
  • be wary of random and unexpected contact, particularly if you have replied to something in a website or social media platform;
  • contact representative of EVRAZ if any doubts;
  • trust only contact details of EVRAZ located at

If you think you have been the victim of an investment scam, you should:

  • Immediately contact local police office and your bank;
  • Stop sending money to the scammers;
  • Be wary of falling for a follow-up scam or offers to recover your money.

EVRAZ is making efforts to detect fraudsters that use EVRAZ’s identity, however because fraudsters are getting creative in on-line scams and new methods of scamming develop, we warn you to be cautious. Please contact EVRAZ if you suspect or detect any fraudulent activity using EVRAZ identity.