Iron ore


Evrazruda, from 2018 a mining subsidiary of EVRAZ ZSMK, comprises a number of ore mining and ore enrichment enterprises in the Kemerovo Region (the Tashtagolsky, Kazsky, Gorno-Shorsky iron ore mines and Gurevsky limestone quarry , the Abagurskaya Sinter and Enrichment Plant). Evrazruda sells iron ore primarily to EVRAZ ZSMK. In 2016 Evrazruda  produced over 4.5 million tonnes of concentrate.


EVRAZ KGOK is one of the top five largest ore mining enterprises in Russia. It is located approximately 140 kilometres from EVRAZ NTMK, in the Sverdlovsk region. EVRAZ KGOK develops the Gusevogorskoye deposit of titanium magnetite ores that contain a vanadium alloy component, allowing production of high-tensile alloyed steel products. The enterprise’s annual output is approximately 55 million tonnes of iron ore. EVRAZ NTMK is the primary consumer of the enterprise's products. In 2016, EVRAZ KGOK produced about 3.4 million tonnes of sinter and 6.5 million tonnes of pellets.