Yuzhkuzbassugol is the Russia's leading producer of coking coal. As of 1 July 2017, total proved and probable coal reserves under the JORC Code were estimated at 416,836 thousand tonnes. In 2017 Yuzhkuzbassygol mined about 11 million tonnes of coal.


Raspadskaya is one of the leading coal producers in Russia. It is a compact integrated coal mining and enrichment complex located in the Kemerovo region of the Russian Federation. Raspadskaya's license area is part of a very extensive coal field south-west of Tom-Usinsk area of the Kuznetsk coal basin which itself accounts for about three quarters of the total coking coal production in Russia. Raspadskaya's total resources were estimated at 1,461 million tons and total coal reserves at 782 million tonnes. Raspadskaya's coal production is 100% coking coal. 82% of Raspadskaya's ordinary shares are owned by EVRAZ plc.

In 2017 Raspadskaya mined over 11,4 million tonnes of coal.


The coal mining facility is located on the Mezhegey deposit in the center of Tyva, East Siberia.

The deposit occupies the area of 48 square kilometers. EVRAZ holds the license to develop two sections of Ulug-Khem coal basin in Tyva with the aggregate deposit amounting to 782.5 million tonnes of Zh-grade coal, a fat coal which is in short supply in the Russian coal market.