EVRAZ has several capital market instruments on both international and local fixed income markets, enjoying the benefits of a diversified investor base. EVRAZ strives to build confidence and a track record with fixed-income investors by being informative and transparent.

Fixed income instruments of EVRAZ comprise

  • four outstanding Eurobonds of EVRAZ plc;
  • Rouble bonds, issued on the local market by Russian financial subsidiary EvrazHolding Finance LLC and guaranteed by Evraz Group S.A (Luxembourg holding company of the Group, wholly owned subsidiary of EVRAZ plc). All Rouble bonds are listed and traded on the Moscow Exchange.

EVRAZ plc and its Eurobonds are rated by Standard&Poor's, Moody’s Investor Service and Fitch Ratings. EvrazHolding Finance and rouble bonds are rated by Standard&Poor's and Expert RA.