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EVRAZ has published an ESG databook

EVRAZ plc (LSE: EVR) has published an ESG Databook.
EVRAZ is committed to the principles of openness and transparency in its communication with all the interested parties. Key data on environmental, social and corporate governance indicators (ESG) for the past five-year period (up to and including 2020) is presented in the ESG Databook. The ESG Databook complements the EVRAZ Sustainability Report 2020, where all significant aspects of non-financial activities have been covered in detail. The information in the databook relates to the company on an aggregate basis (unless stated otherwise), and will be regularly updated. When preparing the ESG Databook the company was guided by the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI) and the Sustainability Standards for Steel Product Manufacturers, as set by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and focused on disclosing as much information as possible.

EVRAZ considers sustainable development to be an essential part of any business. Publication of consolidated information on how EVRAZ cares about the environment, its employees and local communities and ensures high level of corporate governance is supposed to increase the transparency and efficiency of the interaction with all stakeholders.