EVRAZ against COVID-19

The main priority of the company is the life and health of its employees, as well as safety and tranquility in the cities where EVRAZ enterprises are located. We monitor the spread of the virus together with health care authorities and insurance companies to make timely decisions to ensure safety of our employees and their families.

What safety measures have been taken to protect employees and facilitate uninterrupted manufacturing in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Foreign business trips of our employees have been suspended. All employees returning from foreign trips (whether business or vacation), are required to self-isolate at home for two weeks, their pay retained. Access of foreign specialists and contractors to EVRAZ enterprises has been restricted.

The same measures to counteract the spread of the virus, including self-isolation, apply not only to EVRAZ employees, but also to employees of contractors. Thermal imagers and pyrometers are installed at the entrance checkpoints of EVRAZ enterprises to carry out temperature control. Additional personal protection equipment, i.e. glasses, respirators and protective gloves, are given to employees who need to attend their workplace. Additional containers with sanitizers and disinfectants are placed in common areas of EVRAZ facilities. Regular sanitation of vehicles and premises is carried out while contactless alcohol testing has been canceled.

How the teleworking is arranged?

The working hours of the office staff have been adjusted to reduce the number of mass gatherings. EVRAZ has moved most of its office employees to remote work. New laptops were purchased; additional equipment and software were installed that allow efficient and safe remote working in the face of an exacerbating epidemiological situation. All meetings are held remotely using efficient conference and video call applications. All mass business, sporting and entertainment corporate events have been postponed or canceled. Canteen schedules have been adjusted, and the number and the way of shift meetings at the production facilities are being optimized.

Our goal is to protect our employees and prevent the spread of the virus. We need to get ourselves together and be alert.

Alexey Soldatenkov Vice President, Head of the Siberia Division

Our company does everything to protect our employees.

Konstantin Rubin Vice President, Health, Safety and Environment

The more decisive and firmer the preventive measures will be, the lower the risks for our employees. Take care of yourself and do not panic!

Denis Novozhenov Vice-President, Head of the Ural Division
What you should know about coronavirus The virus can spread Coronavirus is known to cause acute respiratory infection with discernible intoxication of the body and problems with digestive system. Through droplets from the noseor mouth when a personwith COVID-19 sneezes or coughs Through personal contacts Refrain from any travel Avoid attending public events Avoid contact with peoplehaving symptoms Use medical masks How to protect yourself against the virus Wash your handsregularly and thoroughly Symptoms Tiredness Cough Heavy feelingin the chest Sore throat Muscle pain Pallor Fever, chills Otitis Sinusitis Sepsis Bronchitis Pneumonia Gastrointestinal problems (for children) Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) Complications What should I do, if... Call for doctor Do not self-treat Coronavirus hotline numbers Universal hotline 8-800-200-01-12 Hotline in the Sverdlovskaya region Hotline in the Kemerovskaya region 8-800-555-49-43, 112 8-800-201-25-22

EVRAZ against COVID-19

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