EVRAZ is a vertically integrated steel, mining and vanadium business with operations in Russia, the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic and Kazakhstan. EVRAZ is one of the top steel producers in the world based on crude steel production of 13.6 million tonnes in 2020.


A group of Russian scientists and engineers establishes EvrazMetall, a company specialising in trading steel products and supplying raw materials and equipment to Russian steel mills. EVRAZ begins its evolution.


Acquisition of the Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Plant (EVRAZ NTMK) and the West Siberian Iron and Steel Plant (currently part of EVRAZ ZSMK).


Acquisition of the Vysokogorsky Ore Mining and Processing Plant.


Acquisition of the Novokuznetsk Iron and Steel Plant (currently part of EVRAZ ZSMK) and the Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port.


Acquisition of the Kachkanarsky Ore Mining and Processing Plant (EVRAZ KGOK) and the Evrazruda Iron Ore Processing Complex.


Acquisition of Palini & Bertoli in Italy. EVRAZ Group S.A.’s global depositary receipts begin trading on the London Stock Exchange.


EVRAZ acquires a 73% stake in Strategic Minerals Corporate (USA), one of the world’s leading producers of vanadium alloys and chemicals for the steel, chemical and titanium industries.


Acquisition of Yuzhkuzbassugol, one of the largest coking coal producers in Russia. Acquisition of Oregon Steel Mills in the USA (currently part of EVRAZ North America). Acquisition of a stake in Nikom, a ferrovanadium producer located in the Czech Republic. EVRAZ also acquires a number of assets in Ukraine and South Africa.


EVRAZ acquires IPSCO’s plate and tubular business, located in Canada (currently part of EVRAZ North America).


Acquisition of Carbofer Metall, one of Russia’s largest steel distribution networks, and Vanady Tula.


EVRAZ wins a tender to develop the Mezhegey coal deposit in the Republic of Tyva (Russia). Acquisition of Inprom, a Russian steel distribution network.


EVRAZ achieves premium listing on the London Stock Exchange in November 2011. In December, the Company becomes a constituent of the FTSE index.


EVRAZ celebrates its 20th anniversary and launches its new five-pillar strategy based on health, safety and the environment; human capital; customer focus; the EVRAZ business system; and business growth. The strategy is aimed at driving sustainable growth for EVRAZ around the world.


EVRAZ acquires indirect controlling interest in Raspadskaya. Acquisition of a stake in the Timir Iron Ore project. EVRAZ launches a light-section rolling mill in Kostanay, Kazakhstan. Disposal of Vysokogorsky Ore Mining and Processing Plant.


EVRAZ becomes the first Russian producer of 100-metre rails.


EVRAZ completes the transformation of the Sheregesh iron ore mine, more than doubling the run-of-mine capacity. Disposal and exit from non-core assets in the USA and South Africa.


EVRAZ launches commercial production at EVRAZ’s new mine in the Republic of Tyva — Mezhegeyugol.


EVRAZ celebrates its 25th anniversary. The Board approves a new dividend policy in line with the best benchmarks in the sector. Disposal of the Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port and some Ukrainian assets.


EVRAZ presents new five-year strategy with huge investments in the Company’s facilities in Russia and the United States. Disposal of all Ukrainian assets completed.


EVRAZ started implementation of its investment project at the Kachkanar-proper titanium magnetite vanadium-containing ore deposit. Disposal of Stratcor (USA) and Palini e Bertoli (Italy).


EVRAZ NTMK completed the overhaul of Blast Furnace 6. Together with Blast Furnace 7, they form the most up-to-date and environment-friendly steel-making facility in Russia. EVRAZ published its first Climate change report and refreshed corporate brand.