This coal mining facility is located on the Mezhegey deposit in the centre of Tyva in East Siberia. The deposit occupies an area of 48 square kilometres. EVRAZ holds a licence to develop two sections of the Ulug-Khem coal basin in Tyva with an aggregate deposit amounting to 782.5 million tonnes of Zh-grade coal, a fat coal that is in short supply in the Russian coal market.

  • One of the major mines that produce valuable Zh-grade coking coal.
  • Modern and technologically advanced. The mine was the first in Russia to implement the advanced method of room and pillar mining with caving.
  • An Australian mining system is used which provides for maximum safety of the process eliminating the human factor and increasing productivity.

The company is located at the Mezhegey deposit, 40 km from Kyzyl. It has reserves of 213.5 mt and unbooked reserves of 53.4 mt.

  • The coal company’s production capacity is 2 mtpa.
  • Coal is mined using the room and pillar method.
  • The seam dip angle is moderate.
  • The current maximum depth of roadways is 185 m.
  • Coal is shipped from three sites.

Mezhegeyugol Coal Company's environmental activities are focused on:

  1. Protection of the atmosphere.
  2. Protection of water resources.
  3. Protection of land resources and land reclamation.
  4. Protection of biological resources.
  5. Environmental monitoring.
  6. Industrial environmental oversight.
  7. Production and consumption waste management.
  8. Preservation of cultural heritage.

From 2010 to 2017, investment in construction of the mine amounted to RUB 9 billion. In 2017, a technologically advanced mine with high-performance and cost-effective infrastructure went into operation with a design capacity of 1.3 mtpa.

In 2018, coal production exceeded 1 mt; in 2019, the plan is to achieve a design capacity of 1.17 mtpa. The mine set Russian national records for development in December 2017 and October 2018.

The coal mine continues to develop with the following outlook: in 2025, the mine’s capacity should achieve 7 mtpa with a headcount of more than 1,500 people.