EVRAZ NTMK is one of the largest integrated steel production plants in Russia with a complete processing cycle. It consists of coke-chemical production facilities, blast furnaces, a converter shop and a number of rolling mills.

Produced in 2020
4.9 million tonnes hot metal
4.4 million tonnes steel
  • one of the largest plants producing rolled products for railway transport (rails, wheels, tires, various railcar-building profiles);
  • the exclusive Russian manufacturer of I-beams and column profiles with parallel flanges;
  • a producer of structural rolled products, pipe blanks, machine building rings and grinding balls: in total approximately 800 profiles made out of 150 steel grades;
  • a producer of various chemical products, construction materials from metallurgical slag, air separation products (oxygen, argon, krypton and xenon mix).

EVRAZ NTMK’s ore source is the Kachkanar titanomagnetite ore deposit located 140 kilometres from Nizhny Tagil. Development of the deposit is performed by another EVRAZ enterprise. EVRAZ KGOK, which produces high quality pellets and sinter.

Coke and chemical production provides metallurgical coke for the blast furnace shop, cleans coke gas, recycles chemical by-products into commercial goods and supplies purified coke gas to heat consumers of the plant.

The blast furnace shop currently operates two blast furnaces: No. 5 and No. 7.

Parameters BF-5 BF-7
Year of commissioning after overhaul 2006 2018
Working volume (m3) 2,200 2,200
Design capacity (ktpa) 1,835 2,550
Number of cast houses 2 2

Since 2013 EVRAZ NTMK has been utilising pulverised coal injection as fuel in hot metal production. NTMK was the first plant in Russia to implement this technology in blast furnace operations.

Steelmaking is represented by the basic oxygen shop, which has a capacity of 4,500 ktpa. Steel is made from hot V metal using a duplex process. EVRAZ NTMK casts all produced steel on continuous casting machines. Secondary metallurgical facilities and vacuuming degassing makes it possible to produce clean, high-quality steel. NTMK has mastered production of no fewer than 1,080 grades of steel.

In addition to conticast billets and slabs, the basic oxygen shop sells marketable vanadium slag, which is produced at the first stage of the duplex process.

V slag capacity is 150 ktpa. After crushing, the larger portion of the produced vanadium slag is shipped to consumers in 200 mm particles. Approximately 35,000 tonnes of slag in the form of 200 mm particles is processed into 0.16 mm particles by the vanadium slag milling bay.

Rail and beam shop (RBZ)

  • rail and beam mill 800;
  • railway rail body-through quenching area;
  • production bay for 60–120 mm steel grinding balls (commissioned in 2018).

RBZ product mix: railway rails, crane rails, round stock, U-channels, tractor pads, profiles for railcar construction, axle blanks, other rolled sections; grinding balls of hardness group 2, 3, 4 and 5 under GOST 7524.

One of the largest H beam production facilities in Europe, the H-beam Shop’s product mix includes over 300 profiles and sizes of normal and column-type H-beams and I-beams.

Besides H-beams, the facility produces L5-UM sheet piles, 156 mm, 190 mm, 210 mm and 220 mm pipe blanks , rectangular billets and 100–200 mm square billets.

  • heavy section mill 650;
  • ball mill SPSh-80 and SPSh-120.

KSZ product mix: round bar, square billet, equal and unequal leg angles, channels, other rolled sections and steel grinding balls of hardness groups 2, 3 under GOST 7524.

  • wheel rolling mill;
  • tire mill;

KBZ product mix: finished and black wheels for railway rolling stock and cranes; The tire mill produces tires for railway rolling stock and ring blanks (various configurations) for machine building

The oxygen compression facility (KKP) is an integral part of the metallurgical plant, as it supplies compressed air and air separation products (oxygen, nitrogen, argon) to EVRAZ NTMK’s shops. In 2011, NTMK, along with Praxair, began a large-scale project to increase industrial gas production assets. This is expected to increase production of air separation products by 30%.

Industrial wastes (slag, sludge, dust, mill scale) are used by EVRAZ NTMK as raw material from which valuable components are extracted. Over 70% of dust waste and iron-bearing wastes are used in the production of sinter, which is used in blast furnace shop operations.

EVRAZ NTMK premises also include facilities dedicated to waste processing. NTMK fully processes industrial wastes: processing of iron and steel scrap for use in iron and steelmaking; processing of blast furnace slag into commercial products and steelmaking materials; processing of converter and blast furnace sludge into crude product for sintering operations.